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Workplace sanitation

for retailers, supermarkets, hospitals, train stations, distribution centres, places of employment and industrial warehouses.

Combatting the spread of COVID

The Cover Heath product range directly addresses the need to supply cutting edge and competitively priced disinfection and sanitising systems to combat the spread of the COVID virus.
  • Bracelet with Sanitizer
  • COVID Home testing kit
  • Office Robocare Sanitizer
  • Supermarket Trolleys Sanitizing System
  • Face Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Gowns
  • PPE Gloves
  • Sanitizer Disinfection Systems, Cabins and Tunnels
  • Hand Rail Sanitizer
  • Vehicle Sanitizer system

Bracelet with Sanitizer

Our Sanitizing Bracelet is made of silicon, so it is very comfortable to wear and with the refillable pouch, it is easy and convenient to use.

Covid Home Testing Kit

CoverHealth have acquired the rights to a rapid Covid 19 home detection kit; This operates in a similar manner to a Diabetes test kit and is both easy to use, safe and accurate.

Office Robocare Sanitizer

Our fully-autonomous UV disinfection robot prevents the spread of all kinds of infections by sanitizing every object in the environment. It navigates automatically, safely avoiding obstacles. It can run up to 8 hours and self-recharge when its battery low. It can be used in many indoor public spaces like hospitals, airports, hotels and shopping malls.

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